Items we are in particular need of at this time:

All kitchen items – especially pots and pans and small appliances, towels, men’s jeans and underwear, women’s shoes and exercise clothing


Who we Are 
Lake Country Caring is a 501(c)3 non profit public charity dedicated to helping families in need in the Lake Country area. Through the efforts of our volunteers and the community, clothing and household items are provided at no charge.

Our Mission

To provide assistance to families in the Lake Country and surrounding areas through our contributions of time, facility, household necessities and prayer.

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A Letter from an LCC Client

Dear Staff,

It was providential that I learned of your service from a brochure at the Food Pantry. Over the last year, I have come to your facility to obtain needed clothing for my family as we transition, and were in need. Thank you.

Briefly, a change in career was necessary for job & financial security. I worked 3 part-time jobs while attending full time nursing school. My husband worked part-time and took care of the children & home. My children experienced “growth spurts” that seemed to dictate a greater need for clothing than I could afford. Your donors provided us a helping hand until I graduated from nursing school & obtained a full time position. I did! And will no longer need your service.

Your volunteers & donors have been very kind.

Thank you.