Lake Country Caring is a 100% volunteer-run 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that provides donated new and gently used clothing, household items, hygiene items, appliances and furniture to people in need, at no cost. 

At this time we are especially in need of:

  • Warm winter coats for men, women, youth and children; especially children
  • Snow pants for children
  • Children’s winter clothing – pants, shirts, Christmas outfits
  • Men’s winter gloves
  • Winter boots for men, women, youth and children
  • Warm children’s pajamas
  • New underwear and socks for men, women, youth and children

All donated items should be in-season, new or gently-used, clean and without stains, and free of rips.   

Your item donations make a difference! A Lake Country Caring recipient recently said…

This was a huge blessing to me this year. This is how my kids were able to get coats and snow pants. Thank you to all who donate.”

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